Therapies - all treatments suitable for men & women & have been developed with wellbeing and relaxation a priority. Our therapist has over 10 years experience and is continually adding to her skills.


Kansa Wands Therapy

Kansa massage wands are made from a special type of bronze which is believed to be a healing metal. Used to bring the body into full balance they have for centuries been an important tool in Ayurvedic medicine. These wands when rubbed gently over the skin radiate light and wellness. Working on the Mamas and meridian points they awaked energy centers in the face and body and create a natural 'lift ' to the face. They hydrate the skin and improve tone. they can relieve headaches and provide lymphatic drainage to help eye puffiness and darkness. When used on the back they calm the whole nervous system, reducing pain and promoting restful sleep. When used on the lower legs and feet they de stress tired feet and muscles enhancing lower limb mobility.

Chinese Fire Cupping

 Brought to everyones attention at the last Olympics Fire Cupping - using Glass or Plastic cups applied to the skin by suction - is an ancient Therapy.  Trained in both the UK and Thailand where she studied under a Chinese Master our therapist uses ' reverse pressure' to treat a wide variety of complaints and ailments, including muscle pain, tissue and joint inflammation, sciatica, lung inflammation, sluggish colon, insomnia, general anxiety and much more. By placing or moving the cups on relevant areas stagnant blood and congestion can be removed and the body detoxified and circulation improved. It is a very relaxing treatment and aides in sedating the nervous system.


Hot Stones Massage - Back or Full Body


Massage using hot stones held in Therapists hands - this massage can be for total relaxation or can ease muscular pain as hot stones penetrate deep into the muscle working on all the points that trigger pain. A truly uplifting and wonderful experience.


Deep Tissue Back Massage

Deep Massage to remove areas of tension and relieve aching muscles, increased blood supply will speed recovery and improve muscle tone. Knots are released and back pain eased.


Indian Head Massage

A calm peaceful treatment to totally relax tension. Client lies down during this treatment when face,shoulders, neck, and head are massaged  in turn. A wonderful and popular treatment - relieves sinus, headaches, stress, insomnia and much more.


Hopi Ear Candles

Induces a wonderful feeling of warmth and balance of pressure in ears, forehead and sinuses. It is soothing and helpful for earache, headache, tinnitus, dizziness and glue ear - suitable for adults and children



Relaxing healing treatment using energy. Our therapist is trained to Master Teacher level in this modality and is a member of the Reiki Association.  Client remains fully clothed throughout. Consists of light touch over points of body. Balances body and emotions and can ease pain and calm the spirit. Great for anyone suffering from emotional upset, bereavement, anxiety, insomnia, low self esteem and much more.


Crystal Healing Facial

Using only the finest natural products this amazing relaxing treatment not only gives your complexion a natural glow but it works wonders on your emotional well being. As well as cleansing, exfoliating, mosturising and nourishing the face it also includes a facial massage using real crystal wands and specially formulated facial oil. It also includes hand and arm massage. If you are looking for total relaxation this is the treatment for you.


Holistic Massage

Individually tailored massage concentrating on relaxation and release of stress. Can include facial, head, body and foot massage. Reiki Healing can also be incorporated as can crystals. the purpose of this massage is to re-connect your body and soul using touch, sound and healing techniques. A wonderful journey of relaxation and healing. Leaving you feeling cherished and calm. Available in 60 and 90 minute sessions.


Bamboo Massage

This powerful massage delivers stress relief, muscle strengthening, lymphatic drainage and reactivates the circulation using Bamboo canes. Overall flexibility, balance and inner wellbeing is improved and specific reflexology points are activated. Skin is nourished and restored from the Bamboo bio extract.


Crystal Healing

Are you feeling drained and constantly exhausted - at the end of your tether?  Negative thoughts and feelings can bring illness and disease.  This gentle, relaxing treatment can be tailored specifically to your individual needs.  Through use of Crystals your mind, body & spirit will be balanced and brought back into harmony leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to face the daily challenges with a much more positive outlook


Access Consciousness Bars Therapy

A revolutionary treatment now available in the UK.  This treatment is a revolutionary energy modality. By touching 32 points on your head you are able to effortlessly and easily release beliefs, emotions, and considerations you may have stored over many lifetimes. Allowing you to change many aspects of your life. Great for depression, anxiety, stress , relationships and so much more. The results that have been achieved in only one session has amazed clients who have tried many other forms of energy healing with only limited success.


Meditation Tuition

Do you believe you can't meditate? Have you tried but been unable to clear your mind. Are you stressed, irritable, depressed & tired? The good news is that everyone can meditate, its just a question of finding the right form that suits you. There is no mystery attached, nor do you have to have any beliefs or religion; available as one to one or in group sessions. Please contact us for more info.


Please Note; Treatments are by appointment only. Minimum of 24 hours notice is required for cancellation otherwise full payment for the missed appointment will be required or vouchers considered used.