Reiki /Karuna Reiki Treatments & Courses

Bronia Sandell Karuna Reiki MasterHi, I am Bronia Sandell a Reiki Master - for further info please visit

After a career of many years in a commercial environment specialising in sales and marketing I started feeling that I needed something else in my life that would give me meaning and purpose, this happened very suddenly and without prior warning and took me completely by surprise. 

I later realised that it was Reiki energy seeking me out and with no idea what it was, I booked a Reiki treatment with a local practitioner.  What I experienced in that session spurred me on to learn Reiki 1 and then as soon as I could Reiki 2 which allowed me to practise. 

However, I could not stop there and moved on to take my Master teacher attunement. 
I loved the healing energy that Reiki brought to my life and to the lives of my clients and students.  However I still felt there was something more and I went on to discover Karuna Reiki ®.  I took the attunement for this more advanced healing energy in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal in a deeply spiritual place called Nagarkot.

I am now a teacher of Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki ® and practice Usui Reiki alongside Karuna Reiki ® as the two energies complement one another perfectly. 

I continue to follow a spiritual path and regularly attend self/spiritual development classes including various retreats in Glastonbury studying Tibetian medicine with Chongtul Rinpoche a Bon Monk. I regularly travel to Nepal, India and Bali, studying meditation and healing techniques. I am a member of the Reiki Association and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council ( CNHC) .


Reiki Treatment

  • Reiki / Karuna Reiki ®
    Relaxing healing treatment using Universal lifeforce energy.  Client remains fully clothed throughout. Consists of light touch over points of body.  Balances body and emotions and can ease pain and calm the mind. Chakras (energy centres of the body) can be balanced and emotional blockages released.  This treatment is very gentle, but powerful.  Client can experience a variety of sensations all very pleasant, they may even fall into a deep sleep.  This can bring inspiration or answers to unresolved questions, it can bring peace to a troubled spirit.

Reiki always works for the greatest good, it can never harm.

Karuna Reiki® brings an even more powerful and advanced range of energy treatment that can be used to treat more specific problems including abuse, low self esteem, addiction and past life issues.

Reiki Courses

  • Usui Reiki 1 Course
    This is a 2 day course throughout which you will be attuned into Reiki energy at the first level.  You will be given the history and background of Usui Reiki.  You will discover how to identify and feel energy and how to use the energy to help heal yourself and then others.   
  • Usui Reiki 2 Course
    This is a 1 day course where you will receive the attunement into Reiki second level.  You will be given 3 sacred symbols and their meanings that will empower the energy and allow you to become a practitioner in this special healing modality. 
  • Usui Reiki Master Course
    Details on Request. Please contact to book any Reiki Course
  • Karuna Reiki® Master Course
    Karuna is a powerful addition to Usui Reiki, using the power of toning & chanting it channels the life force energy, using 8 further symbols. It can be used very specifically to treat a variety of issues such as abuse, addiction, past life issues, anxiety, depression, insomnia etc.  The courses are split into 4 levels part I & II Practioner taken as a 2 day course  &  Karuna Reiki Master teacher level I and II is also taken as a 2 day course. Each module is £200. On completion a certificate is supplied and you are registered at the International Center for Reiki Training in Michigan USA. An Usui Reiki Master certificate is required Please contact for details of next course dates.

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